About Evo Terra

Evo Terra: Publishing. Science. Craft Beer. Not necessarily in that order.


Evo Terra is … eclectic. Over the years, he’s been a nationally syndicated radio show host, professional public speaker, digital business strategist, skapunk bassist, author, hockey coach, mentor, haunted house denizen, farmer and skeptic. He digs starting things and is¬†the co-founder of Podiobooks.com, founder of #evfn, co-founder of ePublish Unum, and the originator of The Beer Diet!

When he’s not drinking, he writes books. He’s the co-author of Podcasting for Dummies and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies (yeah, stupid title), the author of Making Killer Google+ Profiles; A Modern Indie Author’s Guide, and the author of ¬†Writing Awesome Book Blurbs; A Modern Indie Author’s Guide. For now.

All that aside, he’s made most of his living as a digital business strategist for over a decade. In short, he helps his clients figure out what not to do. He’s well versed in what doesn’t work, having survived the ups and downs of advertising, retail, publishing, radio, social media and startups.

And he’s a lot less of a windbag than his doctor, as you’re about to find out.




The Beer Diet (A Brew Story) Copyright © 2013 by Evo Terra. All Rights Reserved.


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