4 Day -3: A touch of rejection, a lot of support

Evo Terra

Sept 28, 2011

Word of my little experiment is getting around. And even though Untappd declined my request[1] to create a badge for drinking along with me during The Beer Diet, plenty of folks are jumping in with support! Like…

  • Brent from PA: This film director mistakenly thought his state had nothing good to offer me in the way of craft beer. I set him straight and he’s busy packing up some goodies to send my way!
  • Charlie the Beer Guy from AZ: This man literally taught me to drink good beer. Though his work environment isn’t quite as liberal as mine when it comes to consuming alcohol during work hours, he’s got a system he thinks he can stick to. As such, he’ll be joining me in the beer-and-sausage-only diet the entire month!
  • Chris Miller from OH: Chris recently shed a boat-load of weight. As he’s a fan of beer (and a home brewer), people said he couldn’t do it. Ha. He showed them. He’s modifying the plan slightly to make it more in line with the good stuff he’s already doing for himself. For the month of October, he’ll subsist on fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and beer for dinner. Whenever possible, he’ll work sausage into the salads. Go, Chris!
  • Thomas “cmdln” Gideon from MD: Thomas is joining us in spirit, though he’s not quite yet worked out what his regimen will be. He is the co-host of the Living Proof podcast, where I’ll be a frequent guest next month to document my progress in audio.
  • Chooch Schubert from DC & John Taylor Williams from MD: I’m still waiting on firm commitments from these gentlemen, but I know they are in somehow. JTW co-hosts Living Proof with Thomas, so he’ll be feeling the pressure!

Thanks for the support, guys! And welcome to the sausage fest! No… wait. That didn’t come out right. At any rate, I appreciate you joining me for The Beer Diet!

October 1st hits this Saturday. What should I have for my breakfast beer and the kick-off to the Beer Diet?

  1. Hey, I can’t blame them. They probably get loads of people emailing them all the time with “make a special badge for me!” requests. But I still love the tool Untappd provides and will use it every time I drink a beer on my Beer Diet.


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