5 Day -2: The realities of and compatibility with The Day Job

Evo Terra

Sept 29, 2011

The reality of the Beer Diet hit a few people at the office a little harder today. A typical exchange went like this:

“Really, you’re not just drinking beer and eating sausage the whole month, are you?”

“No, really. You’re not just drinking beer and eating sausage the whole month.”

“No, I’m serious. You really are not just drinking beer and eating sausage the whole month.”

No, you’re not.

Er… yes, I am. I fought a little misconception at the day job today. We have an alcohol policy (throw back to the Mad Men-esque years of my current profession) and I’m willing to follow it to the letter. I reminded them that it’s not all that unusual for me to have a beer (or two) at lunch, and I manage to get through the afternoon just fine. This will be just like that. Only I’ll have a beer in the morning, probably during a meeting. See? Virtually no difference at all.

The team I manage is going to do their own little play-along, documenting my mood and attitude toward them as the month progresses. I think that’s an excellent data point to have! But being the cut-ups that they are, I fully expect to have surreptitiously filmed videos appearing in some mockumentary of what it was like to work under The Monster Who Only Drank Beer and Ate Sausage For a Month. That’s OK, kids … bring it!

The Beer Diet is going to be awesome. You can be awesome and contribute some of your local fare—that’s quality craft beer or fantastic sausages—if you want to get involved. You can also follow my beer-as-it-happens antics via Untappd. And of course, I’ll keep blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking the whole thing as it unfurls.


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